PC Reviver

PC Reviver

Safely repair, optimize and maintain your PC

Safely repair, optimize and maintain your PC

PC Reviver is the only application you need to safely repair, optimize and maintain your computer. It includes a comprehensive list of tools and features that focus on the areas of your computer that need maintenance and optimization. It also includes the tools and resources needed to help you understand your computer better, troubleshoot and fix common problems. PC Reviver is the recommended way to make your PC run like new. Try it for free!

PC Reviver goes beyond its comprehensive list of tools and features. It helps educate users about their computers, troubleshoot common problems and offers instant access to a community of PC experts. The program easily replaces the many apps you might be using to take care of your computer. PC Reviver is serious value for money and a smart investment towards your computer's life.

Designed for Home and business users. No technical knowledge necessary. Perfect for novice and advanced users

PC Reviver


PC Reviver

User reviews about PC Reviver

  • billybaker

    by billybaker


    Broke my taskbar, avoid it! Now I have to open programs from the Program Files in my computer. Literally pathetic how oo... More.

    reviewed on January 9, 2016

  • overhang65

    by overhang65

    "save your money"

    I purchased this at a $10 dollar discount but its still over priced. There are other free tools will do the same thing ... More.

    reviewed on May 22, 2015